Becraft Traits, (from an email discussion)

Traits that people find typical of their Becraft ancestry.  I've taken the obvious ones and grouped them below with some interpretation of the original collection based on my own bias.  Feel free to add to or debate the choices.  

Green Thumb most Becrafts were farmers.  If they aren't farmers today, their father or grandfather probably was.  There aren't too many Becrafts who don't get itchy around February to get their hands in the dirt.
Introverted "hermit-like", Becrafts like to be left alone.  They mind their own business and expect others to let them do just that.
Stubborn "hard-headed", most Becrafts are pretty particular about their opinions and once decided, stick to their guns.
Hot tempered probably what got ol' George in trouble, seems we've all got a bit of the boil to us.
Red Hair or red highlights in their hair color, my moustache has these and two of my 3 kids are red-haired.
Craftsmen whether it is tinkering, building or constructing.
Focused to the point of distraction or forgetfulness.  With a tendency to forget other things we should have kept our eyes on.


Other Traits

One branch claims long noses with hooked ends.


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