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The following researchers are individuals who in my opinion are the cream of the Becraft crop.

Lorraine Plotner Becraft [CA/NV] -  Lorraine has been researching the Becraft surname for well over 30 years.  She has in excess of 3700 family sheets and has always been willing to share her data with other researchers.

Mildred Becraft [OH] - Mildred was one of the kindest researchers I have ever known.  She always had something to give and her contributions continue to provide clues and solutions even though she is not here today.

Ivory Goodrich Davis [MI] - Ivory was another researcher willing to give more than was called for.  Ivory's research provides valuable clues to many of the family groups who heeded the call to "go west".

Leonard Allen Becraft [MD] -  Leonard is a wizard at the old land grants and property ownership files in Maryland.  He is totally to blame for my involvement with genealogy today.



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